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In July 2009 I completed a two year Post Graduate program at The University of the Arts London/Camberwell and was awarded a Masters Degree in Digital Arts. My area of interest was 3D animation, with a focus on the history of 3d Character Animation.

Here is some of the research and projects that I complete during that time starting with the "final" graduation project and then some background research.


Here is a short excerpt from the "final" piece presented at the graduation show, see first link for the whole peice.

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"Final" Graduation Movie presented at the Graduation Exibition

Unit 2 Prototype Movie presented for assesment in unit 2

Rigging the Proto-Bot model

Unit 2 presentation discussing some open source issues

Unit 3 Symposium Video the Story Overview

Unit3 Kid and Curator Woman Rig movie a simple flash slide show